Roll Call- Special addition 2014 Medal of Honor

Below is the link to the Photo Gallery of the Medal of Honor Ceremony on Saturday, November 22, 2014. Roll Call- 2014 Medal of Honor SPECIAL Want to download your photo? It’s simple and free. The hi-res files are large enough to print a 5×7″. Feel free to use them however you would like. In […]

2014 ACO Medal of Honor winners

What is metabolic syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome refers to a collection of health problems that are triggered by certain processes in your body. Generally, having metabolic syndrome increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. There are 5 main health conditions—or risk factors— associated with metabolic syndrome, and they often occur together. CLICK HERE TO VIEW ——-> ACO METABOLIC […]

What’s it like being a Corrections Officer?

Like most kids growing up, I often spent days with my friends playing cowboys and Indians, soldier, fireman, and cops and robbers. Never once can I recall locking my friends in the basement and playing Correctional Officer. In fact, after 23 years in corrections I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone who planned to become a Correctional Officer.

American Correctional Officer Intelligence Network (ACOIN)

As modern Corrections Officers, aside from frequently putting our lives on the line, we are a combination of Police Officers, Social Workers, Counselors, Security Specialists, Managers, and Teachers. As state Corrections Officers we oversees individuals that have been convicted and sentenced to prison. While many think that all we do is observe inmate behavior to prevent fights or escapes, our responsibilities reach far beyond this because in these days and time we have evolved into having highly specialized duties. Our working conditions can either be indoors or outdoors, depending on our assigned duties, and indoor environments can range from perfectly acceptable duties to not so much acceptable duties ranging from overcrowded, hot, and noisy housing units or recreational areas.

Prison Privatization Feb. 2014

Roll Call October 2013

Prison Privatization October 2013

The new details about the state’s oversight of CCA come as Idaho State Police investigators are looking into allegations that the nation’s largest private prison company defrauded taxpayers by filing reports that showed vacant positions were fully staffed.

MRSA report Sept. 2013

Roll Call August 2013