CBA Ratification Vote

Changes to the CBA

Dear AOCE members,

 Above, you will find the changes to our contract that the AOCE bargaining team negotiated with the State of Oregon.  We will have a vote on Tuesday February 06, 2018 at each of the following institutions. (OSP, OSCI, and MCCF)  SFFC and those requesting absentee ballots have been mailed to your homes.  On-site voting will take place from 7:00am-4:00pm.  Ballot boxes will then be taken to the AOCE office and counted.  Results will be posted on the AOCE Outlook page and emailed to your work email address on February 07, 2018.


There are still several members asking about the Retirement Medical Trust (RMT) section of the proposed contract.  Several members are asking if this section makes AOCE a member of an RMT.  The answer is no.  It is only a place holder that allows AOCE, should we choose to, to join an RMT in the future. If you have questions regarding this, please feel free to send me an email and I will discuss it further with you.

Please send emails to:


 Dan Weber


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