Divorce… Some Helpful Advice

Are you about to go through a divorce, and don’t know what you should do, and or don’t know your rights?  Here are a few helpful advice documents that may help you through this troubling time on your life.

First off, if you are not yet a member of ARAG (Legal assistance you can join as a member of the AOCE) you should consider doing so.  ARAG will be able to assist you with legal assistance during this event and assist you with other legal issues.

To start out, this document “Avoid These 5 Common Miscues During a Divorce” will help you from making several common mistakes made by those going through a divorce.

Next, You will find this guidebook to be very helpful.  “An Overview of Divorce

and lastly, this “Seven Ways to Simplify Your Divorce” document will help you to do just that.  Simplify your divorce.

ARAG understands that it is not easy to go through this event, but they wish to help you through the process and help take a bit of that stress away from you.  Please take the time to read these documents.  Again, if you are not yet a member of ARAG, please join.  Contact the AOCE office to find out more about joining.

You can learn more about your legal rights by visiting ARAGLegalCenter.com and entering access code 18046aoc to view additional legal articles and resources. You can also call the ARAG Customer Care Center at (800) 247-4184 with any questions about the legal plan.

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