2016 E-Board election results.

Below is the Final results of the E-Board election held on December 8, 2016.

Congratulations to the winners, and a thank you to those that ran for a Board position.


2016 Board Election count


 Executive Vice President for Custody
Jeff Hernandez-153
Martinez-1, C. Ralls-1, Centanni-1, T. Cox-2, A. Quick-1, D. Leas-1, Benavidiez-1, Markinson-2, D. Cox-1, D. Spears-1, Darby-1, J. Schroder-2, T. Hudson-1, Golden-1, Weber-3, Dunaway-1, C. Miller-1

 Vice President OCE
Bryan Derksen-11

Board member OCE (east)
Rod Moore-10

Vice President SFFC
Rick Myers-10

Vice President OSP Corrections Professional
Laurie Jensen-27

Rose Cornejo-67
Mike Keith-55
Cindy Smith-98
Cox-2, Leas-1, S. Markinson-2

 Board member Custody OSP
Tom Joli-17
Mike Keith-24
Shawn Schutt-43

Board member OSCI (2)
Ken Baldwin-64
Delfina Esparza-4
Mark Cox-2, Tappen-1, Loera-1, Markinson-1, T. Cox-2, C. Ralls-1, Leas-1, Spears-1

Sergeant of Arms
Greg Martin-114
Ralph Thomason-91
Feakin-1, Loera-1, Tappen-1, Keller-1, Schults-1, Leas-1

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