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  • 2019 AOCE election nomination letters
    Updated On: Nov 11, 2019

    Below are letters submitted by members running for a Board position for the 2019 AOCE elections.
    Not all nomenees submitted letters.That is indicated after their name.
    Letters are submitted in alphabetical order for each position.

    AOCE President

    Alvin Delacruz-

    Legal Definition of labor union

    a labor organization usually consisting of workers of the same trade that is formed for the purpose of advancing its members' interests (as through collective bargaining) in respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions

        My name is Alvin Delacruz, I am running for the office of Executive President of the AOCE. I started in DOC at OSP in July 2000. I promoted to Sergeant at OSCI in November of 2003 and I have been at OSCI ever since. I have been active with AOCE off and on throughout my time in DOC. I have been a member of the E-Board as the Vice President of OSCI in the past as well as a union rep. If elected I will push for my agenda. My agenda is advancing AOCE members’ interests (as through collective bargaining) in respect to wages, benefits, and working conditions. If you are happy with the way things are going with the AOCE, please continue to vote for the incumbents. If you want the focus more on the very definition of a labor union, then vote for me. If you don’t care either way, then do what you do. We have a lot of choices this election so please choose wisely.

                                                                                      Thank You.

       A. Delacruz


    Jeff Hernandez-

    My name is Jeff Hernandez, I’m a Sergeant at Oregon State Penitentiary, and I’m running for President of the Association of Oregon Corrections Employees.  I started working for the Department in 2004 and have worked at three different institutions.

                    I became involved with the Association when I decided I wanted to know more about the contract that affected me and my family’s lives, and I saw how much of an impact that even the smallest decision made by the AOCE Eboard can have on how everyone does their job and how we’re all protected.

                    I have served as the OSP Eboard Representative and as the Executive Vice-President of Security.  I worked hard to update the AOCE Bylaws in this time, finally presenting a proposal for electronic voting, which the membership voted in favour of, and cleaned up a lot of language and procedures that were outdated.  I also spoke to legislature multiple times, on behalf of the Association, to present State Senators and Representatives with a better picture of what we, the line staff, do in the trenches.  I didn’t push a political view point or an agenda or demand anything from them or make accusations.  Instead, I told them, with examples, of the hardships and the problems we have to deal with on a daily basis.  I made them listen to the names of our fallen staff members who took their own lives and I showed them the pictures and SID numbers of former staff members who ended up in jail due to a substance abuse.  I see the AOCE as a representation of our staff and it’s the AOCE’s job to make the people in control of the Department, managers or legislators, see how important and crucial we all are to the everyday operation of these places.

                    As the Executive VP, I sat on multiple committees and workgroups, including DPSST Certification workgroups establishing standards to make it harder for the state to decertify Officers.  I’ve engaged in three bargaining sessions and a countless number of grievances and disciplinary representations.  I have a very good track record of protecting our staff members when they need it the most.  I know how the contract works, I know how to apply it, and I do not back down when the Department pushes back against our demands.

                    As President, I want to continue increasing AOCE’s footprint in the State of Oregon.  I want AOCE to determine the bargaining agenda, not AFSCME or SEIU.  I want the State Legislature to come to AOCE when they want something from Corrections and I’ve built a small but expanding base of contacts to keep that in play.  I want people, in and out of our institutions, to know that when an AOCE arrives on the scene, not only is everything going to be taken care of, it’s going to be taken care of the right way, the first time.   

                    AOCE has the personnel, the experience, the ability, and the drive to do more for the membership than just give away money to school teams at Eboard meetings.  It takes a lot of participation, time, and energy, and it also needs a leader who sees that AOCE can, one day, accomplish his.  I’m asking for your support to be in the position to drive this idea forward.  Thank you.


    Dan Weber-

    Dear members,

    It is that time once again to make your decision on who you will elect as your President of the Association. As your current President, I feel I have worked hard for you the members. I personally do not like reading long messages from people talking about themselves, so I will leave you with this. If you feel I have done a great job for you, then re-elect me as your President. If you feel that someone else can do a better job at running our Association, then vote for them.  This is your Association, and you have a voice. Make your voice count and vote.

    Here are a few things I have achieved since becoming President.

    1. Post Janus decision, the AOCE has increased its membership to an all-time high.
    2. Bargained our newly ratified contract with record-breaking COLA and step increases plus salary range increases for several classifications. OCE, we will begin bargaining your contract in January, and I hope to be as successful on yours as well.
    3. Replaced our old website with our new website that will also allow us to begin voting on-line soon.
    4. For our members serving our country when on unpaid military leave for weekend drills you will no longer be prorated for your sick and vacation accruals.

    One of my goals this next year is to work on getting limited peace officer status so our custody members would qualify for LEOSA. (Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act)

    Thank you for allowing me to serve you and I hope to continue moving the Association forward.

    Dan Weber
    AOCE President

    Executive Vice-President for Corrections Professionals

    Laurie Jensen-

    I am writing this letter to you to accept my nomination for Executive Vice-President, Corrections Professionals. I have been on the AOCE Executive Board for eight years. I began as Vice-President Corrections Professionalsfor six years and was appointed to my current position as Executive Vice-President Corrections Professionals when Mr. Speer stepped down from this position when he promoted to Physical Plant Manager.

    It has been an honor to represent our AOCE members with greivances and other issues when the contract has been violated. I worked diligently during the pay equity process for Physical Plant to ensure members paperwork was submitted and contacted Managers for assurance the process was being completed. The outcome was substantial raises for the Facility Maintenance Specialist, and both of the Facility Energy Tech 2’s.

    I traveled with President Weber and OCE Representive Bryan Derksen to the Eastside of the state for three days to visit our OCE members there. As a result two Production Coordinators did not have their salaries reduced.

    I appreciate being nominated for the position of Executive Vice President, Corrections Professionals and promise to do my best to continue representing each and every Corrcetions Professional to the best of my ability.

    Thank you

    Laurie Jensen


    Allen Miller-

    My Stand as candidate for Executive Vice President of Corrections Professionals

     •         I come from and married into a family of law enforcement and Corrections.

    •         I was raised on the traditions and beliefs that we work for the person beside us and to keep us all safe.

    •         As Executive Vice-President (EVP), I will approach every task, every job, and every grievance from the position that I'm here to fight for you.

    •         I'm here to represent you when you need it, and to fight for all of us when I must.

    •         My priority has always been taking care of our brothers and sisters in the Department every day.

    •         When I ensure the locks are secure and I follow up on every maintenance request for service this indicates my level of dedication to our mutual safety.

    •         I know the job I do is critical to keeping OSP running and I believe my job as EVP is critical to keeping your interests represented on all levels.

    You can expect sincere dedication and my personal attention to all issues brought before me.

    Vice-President for OSP Custody

    Curtis Lough- No letter submitted


    Carl Miller- No letter submitted.


    Shawn Schutt- No letter submitted


    Michael Keith-

    Dear AOCE members,

    My name is Michael Keith. I am honored that fellow AOCE members have once again selected me as a candidate for the position of Treasurer for the AOCE. I was hired as a Correctional Officer at Oregon State Penitentiary in February 2008. Since August 2014 I have been an AOCE Representative and was the OSP Custody Board Member from January 2016 until January 2017. I have been AOCE’s treasurer for the past two years.

    I still believe I have a lot to offer to the AOCE in the role of Treasurer.  I have attended and lead weekly events playing in-depth, strategy-based, rule-heavy board and strategy games that require interpretation and application of complex rules-based systems, both in cooperation and competition with other persons.  I am experienced at gathering and organizing information, keeping people informed of important events, and acting as a general resource. 

    I am excited to run for Treasurer for the AOCE. If reelected, I will continue to keep the general membership up-to-date with the finances of the AOCE and other items that are relevant to corrections. I will be available by e-mail or telephone to keep anyone updated on the financial reports and expenditures for the AOCE. 

    I look forward to continuing to serve the general membership in this role.  Thank you for considering me for this very critical role in our Association.


    Michael Keith


    Joseph Mason- No letter submitted.

    Vice-President for OSCI

    Robert Amburgey-

    Fellow OSCI AOCE Members,

    I would like to inform you that I’m running for the OSCI VP position for the 2 year cycle 2020-22.  I have worked at OSCI for almost 30 years and was a very strong advocate and facilitator in bringing the AOCE to OSCI in the mid 1990's.  Not only do I know the ins and outs of the operations here at OSCI, but I also have the knowledge of all the history involving the evolution of changes and processes to OSCI operations through the labor/management process.

    I have been involved with AOCE since they arrived in many capacities to include being a local representative and spending four years on the AOCE executive board as a OSCI executive officer.  During that time I became very well versed in the dynamics of labor/management relations and was able to be successful in making our CBA better, by adding and/or changing CBA language that resulted in positive effects to our membership as a whole.  I had the experience of being on two bargaining teams during my time in office as well.

    I was also very effective in holding the state accountable to our CBA through the grievance process.  I have extensive knowledge and experience with the grievance process and have won the majority of the many grievances that I have written.  I am also well versed in OSHA, BOLI, SOS, and Human Resources complaints.  I am considered and have been known to be a formidable foe in representing our CBA to any entity that tries to violate it.

    During elections, the natural course of rumors and narrative spins are normal.  So I would like to be clear on my so called "agenda" or what I’m basing my candidacy on.  I will commit to you all to do my best at protecting and representing your labor rights through the CBA to the best of my ability.  I will do this by transparency and proper communications to all members.  I will not make any arbitrary decisions or decide any issue without the direction of and informative decisions of the membership, regardless of my personal opinion.

    Not only will I try and hold the state accountable to the CBA, but I will also do my best to hold the AOCE executive board accountable to fight for your labor rights.  However, I will need all of your help in doing so, I’m a firm believer that the OSCI VP position is only as strong as the OSCI membership in ensuring that your directions on issues are achieved.  To accomplish this everyone will need to vote on the issues, and show up at the AOCE meetings.  If we work together we will all be successful.

    Come election day, you all will have the opportunity to vote for a candidate that you think has the best ability to represent and protect your labor rights.  I hope you will see me as that candidate, and vote for me. Thank you.

    C/O R. Amburgey


    Mark Launius-

    Dear OSCI General Membership;

    Hello, my name is Officer Mark Launius and I'm running for the open Vice President seat at OSCI. For the past seven years, I have been a union representative at OSCI where I've gained firsthand knowledge about the specific issues that affect “YOU” the general membership on a day to day basis. I believe I have the drive and most of all the “WANT” to succeed in helping the membership (as a whole) to improve and overcome the issues we are facing at OSCI today and in the future.

    The primary issues, if I am elected, as your Vice President at OSCI is to build “TRUST” between “YOU” the general membership and your duly elected representatives. After having the opportunity to talk with a great deal of you I know that involves specific problems that will need to be addressed in order to succeed in building that trust.

    Like many of you I have many years left before I can retire so my passion for improving OSCI from the smallest issues to the biggest ones is the reason why I'm officially announcing my candidacy for Vice President at OSCI. Election day is Dec 12, 2019. Can I count on your support?

    Specifically, I am seeking the vote of each and every one of you so that I may have the opportunity to serve you as your Vice President at OSCI. Thank you so much for your time, and I hope I can count on your vote and support.


    Officer Mark Launius


    Mike Schaufler- No letter submitted

    OSCI Board Member #1

    Timothy Davis-

    Timothy Davis

                    Hi, I would like to introduce myself to all the AOCE members. I started my career in 1999 at The Oregon State Penitentiary. I promoted to Corporal and later transferred to Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville Oregon. While I was there I had the opportunity to work many assignments. To list a few, I was a rangemaster, FTO, Safety Chairperson and leader of the CNT for several years. I also promoted to Sergeant and worked that position for 2 years. In 2017 I decided to leave the department to pursue a job as a police officer for the city of St Helens where I worked for a short time and I moved on to a position as an investigator with the State of Oregon Horse Racing Commission. I returned to the Oregon State Penitentiary in 2018 as an officer. I was offered the opportunity to work as an out of class Sergeant and did so for several months. I interviewed for a Corporal position at Oregon State Correctional Institute recently and was promoted again to Corporal at OSCI and this is my new home.

                    During my time in law enforcement I have had the opportunity to be a part of some unique departments. I had the opportunity to also experience so many things during my career. I want to share a little piece of learning about the unions I was a part of. Being an employee of the state, I was always told how the union works but never really took the time to learn.  Over the years I got to experience how they worked and what the contract was all about. One of my weaknesses was not knowing enough when I needed the union over situations that I encountered in my career. I would have to ask other members what certain things meant and sometimes told several versions because they themselves did not know. I knew I needed to be a part of a bigger picture and this is when I realized coming back to the department I want to be a part of the E board .    

                    My goal is to build the relationship with the members of AOCE by being an effective E board member. I feel I am a valuable candidate that has passion to help those to empower themselves. I believe in doing right by the members with sharing information to keep all members up to date with what is coming up or needing a vote. One of the things the department will not do is teach you about the contract and how it works in your favor. Building that strong foundation with the members is an important key to success in my book. I want everyone to know I work for you all the time. I want to build our union to be as powerful as ever and get us the things we need for that. I feel I am bringing new ideas to the table something that is needed for us to become a close-knit family.

    In closing I value each AOCE member and will work hard to be the E board member that is needed for us to be powerful union.    


    Jon Wiles-

    AOCE Members at OSCI,

                    I would like to officially notify everyone that I am running for the AOCE position of OSCI E-Board Member #1.  I have been employed at OSCI for 24 years, and have been an active OSCI union representative for at least 15 years of that time period.  I have a vast knowledge of the history and evolution of the working conditions here, and have served on many committees and work groups charged with improving those conditions.  In addition to my service to AOCE and our membership, I am also the interim chairperson of the OSCI Employee Association as well as a member of the institution CIRT / Peer Support team and the DOC Honor Guard team.  All of these roles have made me well networked with many aspects of the business, both at OSCI and within the DOC as a whole, and I would use this network to better serve our membership if elected.  It is important to me that we continually strive to improve our working conditions, and the best way to do that is have a VP and E-Board members that are united in thought and well versed in the needs of the membership.  Along with VP candidate Robert Amburgey, and current E-Board #2 member Dan Loera, I believe we could provide that to the members here at OSCI, and it is my hope that you will vote for me on the Election Day.


    Corporal Jon Wiles
    OSCI E-Board Member #1


    Vice-President for MCCF

    Dustin McKibben- No letter submitted

    Board Member for Corrections Professionals

    Earl Booher-

    Earl Booher Counselor OSP

    Date 11/05/2019

    I accept the nomination for Board Member for Correction Professionals. I looking forward to getting to work for Correctional Professionals and bring forward the concerns of my co-workers.

    I have prior service on the E-Board as OSP Security Board Member. I have been employed with the ODOC for over 30 years and campaigned for the AOCE when it split from AFSCME in 1992. 

    We have a great group of candidates and I look forward to whomever is elected to the upcoming AOCE executive team.

    Thank you,

    Earl Booher


    James Ellertson- No letter submitted


    Lindy Phillippi- No letter submitted

    Board Member- OCE West

    Joshua Phillis- No letter submitted

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